Welcome to Blue Collar Lacrosse Inc.

We would like to start by giving a huge THANK YOU to the community of Lacrosse that has supported us and made our dream jobs a reality.

Blue Collar Lacrosse (BCLaX) is the proud maker of Marc Mesh, patent pending.

Marc Mesh is the very first mesh ever made solely for playing the game of Lacrosse and all the punishment the game naturally dishes out. Nothing breaks in faster, stays true in weather games and offers the best qualities of its predecessors “hard” and “soft” mesh. Marc Leveille's ‘Meshbutter’ breaks in to how you catch and throw instantly. The Meshbutter gives Marc Mesh “Pocket Memory”; retaining its shape like a hard mesh for accuracy when shooting and passing, while still allowing the mesh to break in like a soft for extra catch and hold.

Marc Mesh is the official mesh of Team Canada 2010 and 7 NLL teams in 2012. Since its arrival to the Lacrosse world in 2008 Marc Mesh has been in the sticks of 6 different players who won either the scoring or point title for their Pro Field or Box League, for a combined total of 8 (EIGHT) times.

Fact is, we receive team orders from the highest ranking Collegiate DI programs at the start of every season. Some teams have placed orders every year since 2009. We would gladly sponsor any one of these teams however they all have pervious sponsorship agreements already; so they all pay the same price as you do.

Equal to our mesh is Joel’s ability to string heads.

Joel is a common fixture on Pro benches everywhere; he has strung sticks used in games by 22* different Pro franchises (*includes teams no longer in existence). Demand for Joel’s stringing has seen him on the bench of Pro teams in Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Denver, Hamilton, Long Island, New Jersey, Rochester and Toronto; in 6 of those cities Joel strung sticks on the bench of both Pro franchises.

As a company Blue Collar Lacrosse is committed to making ONLY the highest quality Lacrosse orientated products and service available. Marc Mesh, BCLaX SideWall and Shooters, BCLaX strung heads and the NEW TIMMY TARGET; each set the bar for their respective category in quality and performance bar none.

Because of our close contact with the game's elite; EVERYTHING WE OFFER HAS BEEN EXTENSIVELY TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK BY PROS!!!

If Blue Collar offers it, it’s made, tested and requested by hands that all share one common thread; they will never settle for 2nd!

One thing BCLaX lives by is that Lacrosse is a way of life. We offer you these words passed on to the Lacrosse community by the people of the First Nations; “Lacrosse is a physical contest, spiritual journey and cultural bond”.

That is all.
Blue Collar Lacrosse
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